Over 110 school districts as well as over 40 municipalities, towns and libraries currently use the Election Management System from Bold. EMS brings your election into the 21st Century, transforming time-consuming, costly, manual maintenance of voting records into an automated, streamlined system designed specifically to meet your needs.

Eliminate the time and labor of a manual system

No more tediously updating handwritten records. EMS brings Internet technology to the election process, replacing outdated paper records with a customized computer database incorporating county and in-district registered voters. The database is maintained throughout the year to ensure maximum accuracy. Access your voter information via a secure, simple-to-use website that can be viewed from your computer and virtually any mobile device.

Reduce your costs and election staff

EMS dramatically reduces the labor costs of your elections. With our state-of-the-art, modern election books, most organizations are able to cut their election-day staff in half, saving significant money! Bold Systems’ poll books are specifically designed so that inspectors can easily find and read a voter’s name, without the need to turn the books for voters to sign in. This time-tested system has been shown to reduce per-voter wait time by at least 50 percent.

Improve voter registration and accuracy

Unlike a manual system, Bold prints new registration books for each election. Our sophisticated system lists all residences within your district and eliminates voters who do not belong. EMS provides multiple poll place zoning and analysis and invaluable detailed statistical reporting capabilities for FOIL requests.

We also provide high-quality, in-house printing of your budget notices and voter registration postcards, to take the stress out of notifying your community of upcoming elections. Digital data archive of signature books is available for added insurance against loss or damage.

You can rely on Bold's unmatched customer service and 20-year partnership with NYS BOCES. We are proud members of:


New York State Association of School Business Officials

New York State Council of School Superintendents

New York State School Boards Association

New York Library Association


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